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10 Ways to Wear a Loop Scarf

I recognize that look.

I've seen it many times on my customers' faces.

Usually it's followed by, "Now what do you do with this?"

...or "How do you wear this?"

...or even "What IS this?"

You see them in the booth, hanging on the tent wall. It's so simple...but not. So let me help you out!

The Loop Scarf. It's basically an infinity scarf (a scarf with no end - a big loop). It's a versatile cold weather accessory to wear around your neck. There are so many ways to wear a loop scarf. All you need is a little bit of creativity and imagination. But if your feeling stumped and could a bit of help, here are 10 Ways to Wear a Loop Scarf to give some basic ideas and instructions.

So enjoy! And if you discover another way to wear your loop scarf, please post a pic in the comments!

1. Long

The Loop Scarf in it's simplest form. Wear it long around the neck, with the binding in the back.

2. Doubled Up

This style is the most popular and warmest way to wear your loop scarf. Loop Scarf is worn long around the neck, then crossed and brought back around the neck.

3. Two-Level Front Binding

Loop Scarf is crossed at the back of the neck and brought over head, bringing the binding to the front.