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Custom Mushroom Needles - Cora's Craft Day at Better Than New

In the outdoor market community we came across many other knitters and fiber artists who kept asking us what yarn we use to create our one of a kind items. So, in response to their inquiries, we decided to start offering it up for sale at events, as well as launch an online shop. Not only are we now offering our favorite fluffy yarns for individual sale, but we're also developing knit kits!

Made for knitters and do-it yourselfers, the Bewilderknits Kit contains everything needed to make your own magnificent knitted project. We've included fluffy yarn, big wood needles, a darning needle and stitch patterns that we use in our own Bewilderknits designs. Suitable even for beginners, this kit makes a marvelous gift for knitters, either keep it yourself or give it away!

We had a wonderful idea for personalizing the needles and carrying over our Bewilderknits branding: molding little mushrooms and snails and such on the ends of the needles. It was just an idea for many many months. Then along came my dear friend Dan from Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair and Better Than New Kitchens. (He's also a FANTASTIC artist - check out his Etsy shop HERE!) It was he who made our idea into a reality. After snagging a pair of my needles just a day earlier, he presented me with beautiful mushroom adorned needles.

Now that we had a fantastic prototype, it was time for mass production. So Dan took me down to his shop to teach me how to make our Bewilderknits needles.

Below are photos of my adventure...

After prepping the needles with sandpaper and a razor blade, you have 7 minutes to mold a mushroom onto the needle before it starts to harden up...

Once they've dried, you paint them red!

Then, I got to wear a snazzy mask to spray some sort of sealant on them....

Then it was time for the white dots...

And don't forget the undersides!

One final spray of sealant and it was time to let them dry overnight.

Tada!!! The Bewilderknits Kit Knitting Needles all ready to go!

Keep an eye out for our knitting kits and skeins of yarn for sale online and at events. :)

- Cora

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