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Our First ArtBridge Thursday at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Well I'm so pleased to announce that we Bewilderknitters just finished our first-ever, three-day marathon of events!

It all started with our first Scottsdale event, the Artisan Market on ArtBridge Thursdays. The event is called ArtBridge because it begins on the bridge that passes over the canal just behind the Nordstroms parking lot at Scottsdale Fashion Square. And it was Scottsdaley, Shiny and New: our first night there coincided with Scottsdale Fashion Week's kickoff night, along with the Wearable Art Walk. There were impressive stylin pedestrians everywhere (Where else can one be struck by the awesome cheetah-print high heels of a woman who was just out casually walking her dog?) and a gaggle of young runway models. Many of them ended up wearing Bewilderknits that night.

Our tent location was at the front of the bridge, at the entryway just over the water. When I got there, Shay and Cora had already set up the whole tent and laid out all our items! It was like magic to me.

Cora was already set up behind the booth and happy that someone she had invited called and was coming to join us.

Shay did a fabulous job upgrading our lighting set up for night events. He built a light box to eliminate any mess of cords and to expedite and simplify the set-up and strike-down process. The layout keeps looking better with his time and help.

Here's the classy pedestrian who came by with her lovely shoes and adorable dog, who took an equal interest in our knitting.

This lovely mannequin head is wearing my big slouch hat and Cora's loop scarf.

The night was super busy for us, right up there with our most successful events from last season. Some family and friends swung by to show their support and have a bite to eat at the Spanish tapas place at the end of the bridge, or Olive & Ivy. We also were able to split some pizzas from Sauce. The venue is so easily walkable and there are so many places to stop and sit outside and enjoy refreshments.

Before long, some models showed up to be outfitted for a runway walk and promotional run. They worked all night from 6:30pm to 10pm marketing the event. Thirty-five or so vendors had booths on or around the bridge, and there was an opening night gala for Scottsdale Fashion Week happening around Barneys. They didn't look like they'd been walking in high heels all night though, they had such high energy and appeared to be having Cyndi Lauper (or maybe Katy Perry) levels of fun.

The whole event was really fun and everyone was inspired to try on everything in the booth, even Bewilderknitters.

By the end of the night, we were on our way to the biggest event weekend we've ever had! I'm so thankful for all of the events and opportunities we've been able to participate in this season, and all of the new people I get to meet and talk to at these events, from all walks of life. After a whole long endless summer of knitting, working, planning and preparing, it was so rewarding to see our visions come to fruition and also know that it's not even cold yet. There is so much more to come, and I'm really excited about who I might meet next and where we will go. Oh, the places we'll see!

This event surely warranted a "Scottsdale Dance" from Cora, Karen, Shay, and our new buddy Dan. Even I was inspired to pull my pink velour track suit out from my hip-hop class days to join in! :)

Join us next time, Bewilderknits events are always a hoot! We will be appearing there again this Thursday!

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