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Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Through friendly fibers infused with warmth, earthiness and creativity, Bewilderknits aims to wrap everyone in homemade, homegrown creature comforts.


Our Vision: 

To pay homage to the fuzzy bundled wild things in us all.


Bewilderknits aims to:

  • Create a warm space in the world by surrounding everyone with comfy, soft, usable pieces of art.
  • Shorten the distance between nature and the wearer.
  • Bring colorful visions to life with fiber.
  • Remind the world of the intangible but immeasurable value of objects made by hand.
  • Promote ethical and environmentally sustainable methods.
Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in 2009, Bewilderknits is driven by three passionate Phoenix creatives who go incognito on weekdays as career women in the fields of finance, health care and sales. Karen, a mother of two, has been knitting for the least amount of time, yet manages to be the wise sage Bewilderknitter. This is due to her innate thirst for knowledge and relentless pursuit of perfection, as her willingness to forgo rest, nourishment, and common sense for the sake of her craft. One of her cats may find her asleep on the couch at 4am with knitting needles in hand. Cora, who graduated with a vocal performance degree from ASU, can be found singing her heart out with the Grammy-Award-Winning Phoenix Chorale, or while knitting, spinning yarn and making felted jewelry. Extremely organized and task-oriented, she keeps the other Bewilderknitters on track at events and in business meetings through lists and spreadsheets. Gwynne grew up in Phoenix, got her master’s degree in Communication from ASU and is an avid road-tripper who counts boxes of yarn and fiber as essential camping supplies. Sometimes she watches swimming orcas and sea otters while knitting winter wares on the beach. Other times she is surrounded by tall pine or redwood trees, and she is always hiding from the sun under the awning of her beloved 1985 Westfalia camper van.
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