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February 2012's Roadrunner

Good thing we got ourselves a bundle of yarn before Malabrigo went on backorder for pretty much the whole season. We've been getting calls from all around the country from folks looking for just one more skein of something they need to finish a project with. We still have a few skeins but only a few, of Rasta and Aquarella. The rest of what we had made it into our projects.

This morning's event was classic Phoenix February perfection: we hung out with teensy puppies in the park, alongside booths with baby goats in the very best weather. There's a new booth at the Farmer's Market - Claudine's Kitchen and I die for her Lebanese labneh. I'm obsessed, her food is amazing.

Onto the photos!

Kathy, who runs the Roadrunner market, also picked up her custom order today: black snowboarding hat with lime green dreadlocks in a mohawk down the middle, a first for me. Way too bad we didn't get a picture of that before it went to its new owner!

One more February Roadrunner and then we break until April's Sunnyslope Art Walk.

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