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It's Raining, It's Pouring, Malabrigo Yarn-Storing!

As mentioned in our last blog, we are building Bewilderknit Kits with yarn, custom needles, darning needles and stitch patterns. Our yarn is always chunky and we use it for our knitting, too! We recently placed a big, exciting order, and these pictures sum up the Bewilderknitters' deluge of consummate joy at the arrival of our Herculean Malabrigo shipment!

Shay emptied the box's contents onto a big sheet on our couch (to protect the yarn from cat fur or dust) and we sat around the pile in a circle with big bags.

Every one of us wanted every skein we saw. Too much is never enough when you knit in all your spare time, and when you're confronted with some of the Best Yarn in the World.

We split up the yarn between us by going round-robin, starting with Karen. We each picked out a color we wanted and put it in our bag until our next turn. It was a smorgasbord, a lavish harvest, a cornucopia of yarny deliciousness!

Even Sebastian was happy to stake his claim on the big box of wool.

Knitters, don't bother trying to rob my house. I managed to knit eleven finished items in four days. There's nary a full, untapped skein to be had.

However, don't be dismayed! We did manage to set ten skeins aside for Bewilderknits Kits!!

Check our Events Calendar on to find out where we'll be next and share a piece of the Malabrigo Pie with us!

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