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A Fantastic Fall Season Launch

Welcome back winter! As the weather started to cool down, we Bewilderknitters amped up our knitting to prepare for the new season - Fall 2011. We started at Sunnyslope Art Walk, which is the event we traditionally kick off the season with. We were next to Holly's Incognito Designs and also Lisa Takata who was spinning behind us.

We take time in the off-season to improve the booth by executing one or more of our ideas. There's not enough time in the day to act on every single idea we have, but we do what we can :). Shay worked with Dan on the new awesome center slab of wood, which we really appreciate. Dan is a owner at Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair & Kitchens where he refinishes furniture and creates new furniture too.

See our new wood slab in the center?

Karen's felted purse and bangle matched her top that night!

The view of the Sunnyslope booth from behind the table

The following weekend, we took our annual camping trip up North and did a big knitting circle in the woods. Meanwhile the guys played a game of beanbag toss in the background. There was also some on-the-fly macho Bewildervan fixing. It involved Shay under the van with a zip tie and a screwdriver and magic hands. (I haven't introduced our van in the blog yet, but he is Spud, the amazing 1985 camper van VW Westfalia who spends the winters trolleying around the Bewilderknits booth!) There was also a bit of kayaking.

Karen working with Cora on a seam.

Adrian's focused aim.

Cora knitting in the shade of the van's awning with Dan's competitive toss in the background.

My campy-knitty-drinky setup.

My very long yarnbow scarf in progress!

Karen's bin of yarn goodies